WooCommerce Payment Gateway Reports

About this report plugin

This WooCommerce Payment Gateway Reports plugin is designed to provide additional payment gateway reports in WooCommerce.

It allows WordPress admins to see exactly how many uses and how much a store’s payment gateway has produced, based on a days-ago-based report.

After installing this plugin, you can start to view the reports from your WordPress admin area.

If you’re also looking for a similar plugin for shipping zones, please see our WooCommerce Shipping Zone Reports plugin too.

Please note, we are not officially affiliated with WooCommerce.

Support for this plugin

After purchasing this plugin, you have 60-days of premium plugin support (from the day of purchase), where our developers can assist you in order to configure this plugin correctly.

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  • Advanced payment gateway reports
  • See usage & total generated per-gateway
  • Days-ago-based reporting
  • 60-days premium plugin support

$25 USD

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