How to see if a website is build on WordPress

Are you trying to tell if a website is built with WordPress? There are many methods you can use to check this, straight from your browser.

Check the WordPress admin URL

WordPress installations by default, all share the same admin login URL.

Try to enter a few of the following URLs into your browser:

  3. (redirects you to the true login URL)

If any of these work, you’ll be prompted with a login screen or possibly even a captcha check, depending on the level of security the website uses.

Check the source code

In your browser, visit the website and right-click to view/inspect the source code.

Once this is open, look for the following using your browser’s on-page search tool:

  1. <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress
  2. wp-content/themes/
  3. wp-content/plugins/
  4. wp-content/uploads/

If any matches return true, the website will be using WordPress.

Use a tool to check if it's build using WordPress

Use IsItWP

A really efficient tool to automate the above answers is called IsItWP. It performs all the checks with just the website’s root URL, as well as give you information on where the website’s hosted and which theme and plugins are being used too.

Use BuiltWith

Another great tool is the BuiltWith Technology Profiler, which an extremely popular free Chrome extension.

Not only does it check which CMS a website is built with, but also provides useful information about other software a website is using too.