Logo appearing pixelated in Chrome

Is your WordPress logo appearing pixelated/fuzzy on a PC, only whilst using Google Chrome? All you may need is to add a simple WebKit transformation.

Fixing a pixelated WordPress logo in Chrome

Often an issue with theme builders such as Divi when using Google Chrome, logos start to appear pixelated and distorted.

In order to fix this, you should navigate into your theme’s CSS stylesheet and add the following code accordingly.

img#logo {-webkit-transform: initial !important;}

Consider using an SVG

An SVG is a vector based image file, which can be used to remove the pixelation of logos entirely.

However, if you’re needing to upload SVG files through the WordPress media library, please note that WordPress does not permit the usage of SVGs as default, due to it being a security risk.

Therefore, you must enable SVG usage through your theme’s functions.php file manually.