Migrate WordPress From HTTP To HTTPS

Wanting to migrate a WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS? Follow these steps to migrate your WordPress website in the correct way.

Migrating HTTP to HTTPS

  1. Navigate to Settings > General from your WordPress Dashboard;
  2. Set your Website Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to the HTTPS version of your website;
  3. WordPress will automatically log you out — simply log back in;
  4. Load your website and check for any errors in the console, these normally consist of insecure external or internal links (including HTTP versions of your website’s links);
  5. To fix any insecure content that is detected, you should check both hardcoded theme links and your WordPress content’s links;
  6. Finally, check all versions of your website redirect to the correct version (including HTTP to HTTPS or HTTP/WWW to HTTPS/WWW).

Using a WordPress plugin to help migrate to HTTPS

To automate fixing insecure WordPress post links (rather than having to manually review each page on your website), you can use the Really Simple SSL plugin to help you.

This plugin can also be useful to redirect your website to the right version (HTTP to HTTPS or HTTP/WWW to HTTPS/WWW).